Gate1 China Tour - May 2016
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All photos copyrighted by Craig Johnson and/or Connie Johnson.
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Some highlights of the trip.

Odd Signs We Saw

We did see some odd signs and outright Chinglish on our 17-day trip. Here are
some of them.


The "Paris of the Orient" - Shanghai


The "Venice of the East" - Suzhou, China


Cruising the Yangtze River

3 Gorges Tribe Stream

Touring the 3 Gorges Tribe Stream area

3 Gorges Dam

The 3 Gorges Dam - biggest dam in the world. Possibly one of the ugliest, too.

Goddess Stream

Touring the Goddess Stream area

Island Tour

Craig went to see a temple on top of an island. Connie checked out the local
shopping area.

Pagoda Tour

The tour group crosses the Drunken Bridge (it sways, big time) to a pagoda.

Muslim Street, Xian

In Xi'an, we visited the famous Muslim Street.

Tang Dynasty Show, Xian

In Xian, we took in a Tang Dynasty dinner and music show.

Morning Exercise

The tour group went to a local Xian park one morning to exercise and dance
with the locals.

To Be Changed

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Terra Cotta Factory

We stopped for a short tour of a factory making Terra Cotta Warrior replicas
and gifts in Xian.

Terra Cotta Warriors

On a rainy day we went to the site of the Terra Cotta Warrior army guarding
the first emperor of China's tomb.

Jade Factory

Another factory tour, this time a jade factory in Beijing.

Pandas in Beijing

A short visit to the Panda exhibit at the Beijing zoo.

The Great Wall

On one of our few rainy days, we visited the Great Wall of China, near Beijing.

The Summer Palace

The day after rain at the Great Wall, we had a beautiful sunny day to see the
Summer Palace.

Tienanmen Square

Walking through Tienanmen Square.

Forbidden City

Pass through Tienanmen Square, and you can visit The Forbidden City,
where emperors (and 3000 concubines) lived.

Hutong District

We visited a local resident in the Hutong district of Beijing,
and took a rickshaw ride through the alleys.

Peking Duck Dinner

Our tour group enjoyed a last meal together in Beijing before half of us went
home and the other half went on to Hong Kong. Foremost on the menu were Peking
Duck and (unlimited) Firewater (Think Chinese moonshine).

Beijing Drum Tower

Before walking to the Hutongs, we visited the Beijing Drum Tower.

Miscellaneous Beijing images

This set of images is mostly just stuff shot from a tour bus or some
miscellaneous activity that didn't fall into a grouping like the others. Don't
expect great images, just a sampling of views from a tour bus as we drive along..

Hong Kong's Festival of Lights

On Saturday night, we went down to the harbor to watch the Festival of Lights.

Lantau Island

Lantau island is next door to Kowloon and Hong Kong islands,
and it contains a large Buddhist statue among other mostly-rural attractions.

Hong Kong and Kowloon

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