Aftermath of a Horrific Motorcycle Wreck - page 9
Seven weeks after a horrific motorcycle wreck near my house, I first photographed many items left at the scene in remembrance of the victims. [Updated March 25, 2011]

On March 25, 2010, a dump truck moving at speed plowed into and over a group of eight motorcycles waiting in line at a stop light at Carefree Highway and 27th Drive. A huge fire immediately engulfed the truck and the victims, several of whom were trapped under the truck. The driver said he was looking down fishing for some papers, and was later found to have illegal drugs in his system. Witnesses rushed from a nearby Walgreens drug store, but they were unable to help the victims trapped under the truck due to the flames. Four riders died in the accident, and several more were critically injured.

There are two ways out of my housing area, and this is one of them. I drive my car or motorcycle through this intersection almost every day.

I took some of these photos on June 12, 2010. Additional photos added taken March 23 and March 25, 2011.

In late June 2010, the bandanas were removed from the trees, but the items left on the ground remain. The old bandanas were made into quilts and given to the victims' families. On the one year anniversary of the wreck, new bandanas were hung.

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This candle was burning for much of the day.
This candle was burning for much of the day.