Some various camera, lens and even scanner tests. Plus a couple of camera bags and a filter issue.

All photos copyrighted by Craig Johnson.
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Nikon 200-500vr testing

I'm working on getting test shots up with my new Nikon 200-500vr lens. Pics will be added as I get more testing done, including comparisons to some of my other long lenses.
Nikon V1 testing with long lens

First try at using the Nikon V1 for wildlife shooting with a 300F4 and 1.4x teleconvert. (1134mm effective focal length!)
Nikon 80-400vr AF-S (the new one) tests

Testing the new Nikon 80-400 vr AF-S lens against the old 80-400vr AF-D, and a Nikon 300 F4 Af-S with Nikon 1.4 teleconveter on a D800e, a D300 and a Nikon V1
Nikon 80-400vr AF-D test

Two quick tests of a Nikon 80-400vr AF-D lens on at different F-stops. One on a D300, the other on a D700.
Test 1 (Kenko TC)): Nikon 80-400vr AF-D versus 300F4 AF-S with Kenko 1.4 TC

Test 2 (Nikon TC): Nikon 80-400vr AF-D versus 300F4 AF-S with Nikon 1.4 TC and bare 300F4

Comparing the Nikon 80-400vr AF-D to a 300 F4 AF-S with Kenko 1.4 and Nikon teleconverters at different f-stops
Nikon 24F2.8 test

Testing the Nikon 24F2.8 lens on a D700

24mm on various lenses

Quick comparison of 24mm on the 24F2.8, 12-24, 18-135, 18-200, 14-24 and 24-70 on D300 and D700.
35F2 Tests

Testing the Nikon 35F2 lens on a D700
Nikon 85F1.8 test

Testing the Nikon 85F1.8AF (non-D) lens on a D700
Nikon 80-200F2.8 tests

Testing Nikon 80-200F2.8 push-pull lens on a D700
Nikon 18-200vr 'test' - travel snapshots

Not so much as test as how the 18-200vr has performed for travel photography>
Nikon 14-24 test

A comparison of the 14-24 with an 18-200 and 12-24 showing flare issue.
Quick test Nikon 105vr

I got a bad Nikon 105VR. Here's what it looked like on a D300. (Large images).
Scanning film test

I used a Nikon LS-4000 to scan a slide at 4000dpi to see if there was significant data there. I was amazed.
Comparing 4 Nikon DSLR's

Very short comparison of Nikon D70s, D80, D200 and D300
D200/D300 ISO Comparison

Comparing ISO 800 and 1600 of Nikon D200 to D300.
Smaller camera bag

I use a Thinktank Speed Racer camera bag to carry a small amount of camera gear.
Camera backpack

I use a Thinktank Airport Accelerator camera bag to carry a large amount of camera gear.
Hoya UV filter problem - ghosting

This is one kind of problem you can get when using a filter.
Some high ISO images

I wanted to post some examples of higher ISO shots I've done over the last couple of years, with a D300 and a D700.