Craig and Connie Johnson's Family Photos

All photos copyrighted by Craig Johnson.
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Christmas 2012

First Christmas pics at the Red Range Way house.
Craig and Connie and the Lockwoods go to the zoo.

A day at the Phoenix Zoo, March 2013]
Julian's First Birthday

Julian Marias celebrates his first birthday.
Craig and Connie's new house

Before/after shots of the new house on Red Range Way
Christmas 2011

A family Christmas and Shane and Sandy's house.
Julian Marias Baptism

May 6, 2012. Julian Daniel Marias is baptised.
Lockwoods at the Pumpkin Patch 2011

The Lockwood family visits the Sonoran Foothills Pumpkin Patch 2011.
Shane & Sandy Have a Baby!

Introducing Julian Daniel Marias.
Laurie & Terry's 25th Anniversary

The family came together to celebrate Laurie & Terry's 25th wedding anniversary.
Thanksgiving 2011 Pictures

Family pictures in the garage studio.
Iowa State Fair 2011

Craig and family spent two days at the Iowa State Fair in August 2011.
Craig and Alicia even rode the Ejector Seat. Emily went on rides
until she puked, and then went on some more!
Riding the Ejector Seat

Here is a video of Alicia and Craig riding the Ejector Seat.
You can install the Photodex plugin (which should happen automatically) or download a big AVI file to watch.
Dance Recital 1

Kendall and Kayden wow the crowd with dance moves.
Dance Recital 2

Kendall and Kayden perform at another dance recital.
We got a kitten!

Desmond is a Siamese, born May 24, 2010.
We got a puppy!

Bella is a Shih Tzu, four-months old on March 26, 2010.
Marias Wedding

Shane and Sandy get Married!
Armenian Gothic

Just having fun with Sandy and her brother at Thanksgiving.
Arizona State Fair - 2010

A day at the Arizona State Fair.
Balloon Ride 2011

Craig takes a balloon ride with his daughters.
Thanksgiving Photos 2008

Portraits done during Craig and Connie's Thanksgiving 2008.
Thanksgiving Photos 2009

Portraits done during Craig and Connie's Thanksgiving 2009.